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Avoiding Potential Disputes in Inheritance

Every human being will eventually leave this world for good. No one knows a person’s age, because death can pick us up whenever and wherever we are. When a person leaves for good, all of his property, both rights, and obligations, will immediately become heirs, the distribution of which has been regulated in the prevailing laws and regulations.

Talking about inheritance is still considered taboo for most people. I want to talk about inheritance but worry about being seen as greedy or unkempt by the family. Even discussions of inheritance can cause rifts in relationships among family members. Whereas inheritance will always be inherent in human life because death is a necessity that must occur.

The situation can be bad if there is one or some of the heirs who feel unfair in the distribution of the inheritance. Not to mention if someone feels that their inheritance is hidden or controlled by other heirs. If this is the case, the discussion of inheritance is identical to a problem that ends in a dispute in court. Another sensitive matter in discussing inheritance is when determining who is entitled and not entitled to an inheritance, as well as the share of each heir.

The cause of family conflicts in terms of inheritance can be due to a lack of knowledge so that the heirs do not understand what their rights or obligations are towards the inheritance. Lack of knowledge can also make it difficult to reach an agreement on inheritance distribution. Moreover, if the new inheritance is to be divided after passing the next several generations, it will create complexity in determining the legal heirs and calculating the parts thereof.

Conflicts between heirs also often occur because of selfish attitudes who want to win alone in getting the largest or best share of the inheritance. For example, the heir leaves three plots of land, his heirs are scrambling to get the land with the most strategic location.

The importance of wills in the distribution of inheritance

Oklahoma inheritance is under Oklahoma statutory law. To avoid potential inheritance disputes in the future, everyone can prepare it by making a will and/or a grant while still alive. Defines a will as the gift of an object from the heir to another person or institution that will take effect after the heir dies. This will was made while the heir was still alive and handed over to the recipient after the heir passed away.

The provision of wills and grants is more of a preventive nature to prevent inheritance conflicts in the future. Grants are particularly given because they are distributed when the heir is still alive so that they can be more controlled and prevent quarrels.

However, in certain cases, inheritance disputes originate from the distribution of property through wills. The beneficiary who receives the inheritance of the heir will be confronted with the heirs who feel they have more rights. Likewise, a parental grant to a child creates a new conflict because heirs who do not receive a grant or receive a grant but a smaller amount can demand to withdraw the grantor at least apply it as part of the inheritance for the grantee.

As long as the heir understands the rules regarding grants and wills, conflicts should not occur. There is a maximum limit of wills and grants that must be obeyed by the heir. There are several reasons why you should prepare an inheritance or inheritance letter, namely:

1. Prevent inheritance from falling into unauthorized hands

2. Prevent family conflicts

3. As a shape of duty to the family. Awareness of this is certainly important, given the dependable children you have.

4. You have a sizeable debt that can be passed on to your family

5. You don’t want your family to enjoy only a portion of your inheritance.

Likewise, the disclosure of information from the heirs to his heirs is very important to avoid disputes. Such as information regarding assets, accounts payable, grants, or wills that will be or have been made, including other heirs. Given that there have been several cases where after the heir died suddenly appeared a woman who claimed to be a wife or someone who claimed to be a biological child demanding the distribution of inheritance. The impact of the misinformation above certainly has the potential to cause conflict in inheritance.

In the end, if a dispute occurs, the settlement is done through the court. Not only will time and costs be depleted, but property that is the object of inheritance disputes may also be neglected and their value diminishes because they are in a status quo state where no party may take legal action against them.

Death is a certainty that must occur so that while there is an opportunity it is fitting to prepare family members who will become heirs to understand the inheritance law that applies according to their religion. As for the giving of a grant or a will, it is better if it is done with the knowledge of the heirs with a limit on the amount as regulated in the prevailing laws and regulations.

The importance of lawyers in inheritance disputes

If a problem becomes complicated, so it takes up your time, effort, and mind, you can hire a lawyer to help you solve your problem properly. You will be free from stress and you can do your activities safely and comfortably.

For some people who are busy and do not understand the applicable law. Sometimes solving a mess in Oklahoma probate laws can take months or even years. This is where the important role of a lawyer is needed. The advantages of using the services of a lawyer are as follows:

1. Save time, effort, and thoughts. So that daily activity is not disturbed. You can entrust a lawyer to take care of all your legal problems.

2. Avoid mistakes in making claims, answers, duplicates, replications, and proofs or matters requested by the Client.

3. Avoid the risk of a judge’s decision which could harm or eliminate the rights of the client.

4. Preventing and overcoming arbitrary issues without considering the legal provisions and procedural law applicable to the opposing party or other law enforcers who deviate from it.

5. Become a mediator in the conflict. A lawyer can be a mediator from one party to another in resolving a problem properly and peacefully.

6. By using a lawyer. Then it will be free from the burden of thoughts, time, and energy.

7. Clients can be properly educated about their legal rights and obligations. Some people certainly do not understand the applicable laws, their rights, and obligations.

Don’t let your problem drag on which will make a problem more complicated. And of course, it will harm you from time to time in material or non-material terms, you can lose your freedom, your family, time, energy, thoughts, and even your money.