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The iconic photograph of the “napalm girl”, fleeing in terror from the destruction of her village, was taken fifty years ago. Even after all these years, it has lost none of its energy. The topic of the photo, Phan Thị Kim Phúc, did indeed run to security that day. Photographer Nick Ut, who captured her escape on his Leica M2 digital camera, won a Pulitzer Prize a yr later . Interestingly, the photograph was initially taken on colour movie. But sometimes colour is distracting in a photograph, and that is the case right here.

Welcome to a particular issue and the announcement of the winners from the Photography News Awards 2021. It has been a bumper year for kit made much more spectacular by the precarious situation the world discovered itself up to now two years. Thanks to everybody who voted in the awards – your effort and support is much appreciated, thank you.

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If good pictures was utterly skill-based, then the most effective photographers would be cranking out 10/10s like a machine, however we all know it doesn’t work like that. Even essentially the most expert photographers undergo …